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The Matter of Art: Materials, Practices, Cultural Logics, C.1250–1750

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Manchester University Press




Chapter 9 from the book The Matter of Art: Materials, Practices, Cultural Logics, C.1250–1750; edited by Anne Dunlop, Bill Sherman, Christopher Breward, Christy Anderson, Pamela Smith

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Materials carried the meaning of early modern art. Transformed and crafted from the matter of nature, art objects were the physical embodiment of both the inherent qualities of materials and the forces of culture that used, refined and produced them. The study of materials offers a new approach to this important period in the history of art, science and culture, linking the close study of painting, sculpture and architecture to much wider categories of the everyday and the exotic.

Drawing on new research and models from anthropology, material culture and the history of art, scholars in The Matter of Art explore topics as diverse as Inka stonework, gold in panel painting, cork platforms for shoes, and the Christian eucharist. Source: Publisher

Precious Stones, Mineral Beings, Performative Materiality in Fifteenth-Century Northern Art

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