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Revista Mexicana de Astronomia y Astrofisica: Serie de Conferencias


We are exploring the connection between Damped Ly-α Absorption systems and Lyman Break Galaxies using deep m (5σ)=26 m - broad band imaging (UBVI) of four wide fields (0.25deg each) obtained at the Kitt Peak 4-m telescope with MOSAIC. Each field contains a DLA at z ∼ 3. We want to address the nature of DLA at high-redshifts: (1) Are the DLAs embedded in much larger systems of galaxies? (2) How does the spatial distribution of emitters in 3D (space and redshift) correlate with the absorber? Contrary to most previous DLA studies, we are not looking for the absorber, and we do not rely on control fields because each of our fields is 40 × 40h Mpc (co-moving). We present preliminary results in two of our fields. In one case, it indicates an overdensity of galaxies on a scale of 5 Mpc. We discuss the possible implications and sources of contamination of our results. lim,I AB 2 -1


Galaxies: evolution, High-redshift, Individual (APM08279+5255, PC1233+4752), Quasars: absorption lines



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