Absolute Frequency Measurement of the 6D5/2 Level of Neutral 133Cs using Two-Photon Spectroscopy

M. T. Herd, Assumption University
E. C. Cook, Smith College
William Williams, Smith College

Archived as published.


We report absolute frequency measurements on the 6D5/2 level of neutral 133Cs using sub-Doppler two-photon spectroscopy. The absolute center-of-gravity energy for the 6D5/2 level is determined to be 22 631.683 877(6) cm−1, a factor of 170 times improvement over the previous measurement from 1964 of 22 631.6863(10) cm−1. This measurement also corrects a 2.4σ discrepancy with the previously measured value. The hyperfine coefficients were found to be A = −4.629(14) and B = −0.10(15) MHz, which are consistent with previous results.