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Canis aureus (Linnaeus, 1758), the golden jackal, is a medium-sized, wide spread, terrestrial carnivore. It is 1 of 7 species found in the genus Canis. It ranges from Africa to Europe, the Middle East, Central Asia, and Southeast Asia. Due to its tolerance of dry habitats and its omnivorous diet, C. aureus can live in a wide variety of habitats. It normally lives in open grassland habitat but also occurs in deserts, woodlands, mangroves, and agricultural and rural habitats in India and Bangladesh. It ranges from sea level in Eritrea to 3,500 m in the Bale Mountains of Ethiopia and 2,000 m in India. C. aureus is listed as “Least Concern” by the International Union for Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources Red List of Threatened Species version 2016.1.





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