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19th International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference, Paris, France


Extending previous structure-based approaches to the song comparison tasks such as the fingerprint and cover song tasks, this paper introduces the aligned sub-hierarchies (AsH) representation. Built by applying a post-processing technique to the aligned hierarchies of a song, the AsH representation is the set of unique aligned hierarchies for repeats (called AHR ) encoded in the original aligned hierarchies of the whole song. Effectively each AHR within AsH is a section of the aligned hierarchies for the original song. Like aligned hierarchies, the AsH representation can be embedded into a classification space with a natural metric that makes inter-song comparisons based on sections of the songs. Experiments addressing a version of the cover song task on score-based data using AsH as the basis of inter-song comparison demonstrate potential of AsH-based approaches for MIR tasks.

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