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CEUR Workshop Proceedings


Conceptual Dependency (CD) primitives and Image Schemas (IS) share a common goal of grounding symbols of natural language in a representation that allows for automated semantic interpretation. Both seek to establish a connection between high-level conceptualizations in natural language and abstract cognitive building blocks. Some previous approaches have established a CD-IS correspondence. In this paper, we build on this correspondence in order to apply a logic designed for image schemas to selected CD primitives with the goal of formally taking account of the CD inventory. The logic draws from Region Connection Calculus (RCC-8), Qualitative Trajectory Calculus (QTC), Cardinal Directions and Linear Temporal Logic (LTL). One of the primary premises of CD is a minimalist approach to its inventory of primitives, that is, it seeks to express natural language contents in an abstract manner with as few primitives as possible. In a formal analysis of physical primitives of CD we found a potential reduction since some primitives can be expressed as special cases of others.


Conceptual Dependency, Formal Modeling, Image Schemas






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