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CEUR Workshop Proceedings


A major challenge in natural language understanding research in artificial intelligence (AI) has been and still is the grounding of symbols in a representation that allows for rich semantic interpretation, inference, and deduction. Across cognitive linguistics and other disciplines, a number of principled methods for meaning representation of natural language have been proposed that aim to emulate capacities of human cognition. However, little cross-fertilization among those methods has taken place. A joint effort of human-level meaning representation from AI research and from cognitive linguistics holds the potential of contributing new insights to this profound challenge. To this end, this paper presents a first comparison of image schemas to an AI meaning representation system called Conceptual Dependency (CD). Restricting our study to the domain of physical and spatial conceptual primitives, we find connections and mappings from a set of action primitives in CD to a remarkably similar set of image schemas. We also discuss important implications of this connection, from formalizing image schemas to improving meaning representation systems in AI.


Conceptual dependency, Conceptual primitives, Human cognition, Image schemas, Natural language understanding






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