Enumeration of Optimal Pin-Jointed Bistable Compliant Mechanisms with Non-Crossing Members

M. Ohsaki, Kyoto University
N. Katoh, Kyoto University
T. Kinoshita, Kyoto University
S. Tanigawa, Kyoto University
D. Avis, Université McGill
I. Streinu, Smith College

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An optimization approach is presented for enumerating pin-jointed bistable compliant mechanisms. In the first stage, the statically determinate trusses with non-crossing members containing a given set of nodes and some pre-defined members are regarded as minimally rigid framework or a Laman framework, and are enumerated without repetitions by the graph enumeration algorithm. In the second stage, the nodal locations and the cross-sectional areas are optimized under mechanical constraints, where the snapthrough behavior is extensively utilized to produce a pin-jointed bistable compliant mechanism. In the numerical examples, many bistable compliant mechanisms are generated to show the effectiveness of the proposed method. © 2008 Springer-Verlag.