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ISD7: The Seventh Image Schema Day (ISD7)


One of the hallmarks of the Schank-Minsky Conceptual Dependency Trans-Frames meaning representation system is that it attempts to express complex meanings by building large and complex conceptual structures using a relatively small number of primitives. Recently comparisons of image schemas with Conceptual Dependency primitives revealed ways of possibly reducing the number of primitives while maintaining the expressiveness of the set—an important research goal because it increases the flexibility and richness of the primitive-decomposed structures in a way that better approximates human cognition. Inspired by this prior work, we employ a paraphrase generation system to explore the replacement of the Conceptual Dependency INGEST primitive by PTRANS and CONTAIN, which are the analogs of Source_Path_Goal and Containment image schemas. The results of the study bring us a step closer to a possible unification of image schemas with Conceptual Dependency.


Image Schemas, Conceptual Dependency, Natural Language Generation

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ISD7: The Seventh Image Schema Day (ISD7), Rhodes, Greece, September 2-4, 2023.



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