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Everett et al. [EHN96, EHN97] introduced several varieties of stabbing information for the lines determined by pairs of vertices of a simple polygon P, and established their relationships to vertex visibility and other combinatorial data. In the same spirit, we define the “zero-parity (ZP) stabbing information” to be a natural weakening of their “weak stabbing information,” retaining only the distinction among {zero, odd, even > 0} in the number of polygon edges stabbed. Whereas the weak stabbing information’s relation to visibility remains an open problem, we completely settle the analogous questions for zero parity information, with three results: (1) ZP information is insufficient to distinguish internal from external visibility graph edges; (2) but it does suffice for all polygons that avoid a certain complex substructure; and (3) the natural generalization of ZP information to the continuous case of smooth curves does distinguish internal from external visibility.