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Re-membering the early postmodern dance movement and Choreography and analysis of Instant saviors (just add water)

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Honors Project

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Lester Tomé


Judson Dance Theater, Postmodern dance, Queer dance, Queer theory


My Honors Thesis in Dance is made of two parts. The first consists of a historical investigation of the roots of postmodern dance, examining the Judson Dance Theater and related practices through queer performance theory. I discuss the works of early postmodernists with queer identities, noting how their queerness manifested in their choreographies. Some of these artists’ works, such as those of Yvonne Rainer and Steve Paxton, are defining pillars of postmodern dance and the subsequent work that has followed in the form’s lineage; my research situates postmodern dance as a fundamentally queer mode of embodied expression. Other choreographers I examine, including Fred Herko and Gus Solomons, jr., have been written out of canonical narratives of the era. This project works to uncover, expose, and celebrate their stories, writing them back into history and presenting a queer Judson Dance Theater that is varied and multifaceted.

The second section of my Honors Thesis is a choreographic reflection on my work, INSTANT SAVIORS (just add water) , which I created with co-choreographer Em Papineau. This dance serves as evidence of the queer future of American concert dance for which the Judson Dance Theater artists laid a groundwork. I observe how this dance came to be by tracing historical and personal threads. What are its origins? How did we get here?


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80 pages : color illustrations. Includes bibliographical references (pages 76-80) Accompanied by streaming video of senior dance concert performance. (30 mins. : color). The video is part of the Senior Dance Concert "Four dances"