A treatment for Huntington's disease : dance movement therapy through the lens of predictive processing and Choreographic analysis of Active inference

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Active inference

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Honors Project

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Chris Aiken


Dance, Movement therapy, choreography, Neuroscience, prediction, Huntington's disease


Active Inference, a term coined by Karl Friston, describes the anticipation of action and error prediction within the neuro-philosophical model of Predictive Processing. The musician and dancers work together to create a live auditory landscape using boards equipped with contact microphones.

Choreography: Aubrey Johnson in collaboration with the dancers

Performance: Julia Antinozzi, Serena Anne Cattau, Emma Humphries, Lindsey Johnston, Molly McGehee, Xela Miller, Em Papineau, Grace Privett-Mendoza, Delphine Zhu

Music: Amid Calculation (Live) by Marcus Dembinski

Lighting design: Priscilla Yichen Zhou; costume design: Cora Grant

Note: This video is of choreography and performance. It is part of the Senior concert: "The act of waiting"


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This project is a video of choreography and performance and paper. Select link to read the accompanying paper : A Treatment for Huntington's Disease: Dance Movement Therapy Through the Lens of Predictive Processing and Choreographic Analysis of Active Interference