The true story of the decay of the hollow and the impending tragedy of darkness. Final chapter: "dead skin floating in the slut jacuzzi"

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Final chapter: "dead skin floating in the slut jacuzzi"

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Masters Thesis

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Memory, Narrative, Identity, Past, Present, Future, Dance, Experimental, Contemporary dance, Abscence, Obscurity


Choreography: Emily Lukasewski in collaboration with Kate Seethaler and Stephanie Turner

Performers: Emily Lukasweski, Kate Seethaler, Stephanie.

Music: Tim Hecker, Black refraction; Tim Hecker, Stab variation; Maryanne Amacher, A step into it, Imaging 1000 years; Colleen, Captain of none; Svarte Grenier, Easy on the bones; Rupert Holmes, Escape.

Text: Emily Lukasewski, Kate Seethaler and Stephanie Turner

Costume design: Emily Justice Dunn; Lighting design: Red Davidson; Set, video and media design: Emily Lukasewski; Video engineer: David Wiggall

Note: This thesis is a video of choreography and performance. It is part of the MFA Thesis Dance Concert "Hue: a continuum."


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