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IEEE Power Engineering Society General Meeting, 2004


A set of reduced order, linearized, dynamic models for distributed generators is developed along with a framework for modeling the generators in a power distribution system. Analysis of this distributed system structure raises two issues. The first is that the simulations demonstrate, unexpectedly, that a small load disturbance is capable of causing frequency instability in the primary dynamics of the distributed generators. Eigenanalysis of the instability suggests that it is a system phenomenon. The second issue is that the system matrix is found to not have a block diagonal dominant structure raising questions over the possible implementation of decentralized control strategies. A method to regain system stability along with an example of implementing this method are presented, along with the generator models.


Distributed control, Power system modeling, Power generation, Distributed power generation, Wind turbines, Power system stability, Equations, Frequency, Power system control, Voltage control




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Peer reviewed accepted manuscript.

Carnegie Mellon Electricity Industry Center Working Paper CEIC-03-14



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