Arthur in Early Wales/<i>Culhwch and Olwen</i>

Arthur in Early Wales/Culhwch and Olwen



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Medieval Arthurian Epic and Romance : Eight New Translations

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McFarland & Company, Inc


Jefferson, North Carolina


Edited by William W. Kibler and R. Barton Palmer

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This volume offers newly translated texts that exemplify the two most important traditions of Arthurian literature in the Middle Ages. Encompassing such key works such as Lawman's Brut and Wace's Romance of Brut, written in Middle English and Old French, respectively, the Arthurian Epic Tradition depends on Geoffrey of Monmouth's History of the Kings of Britain, written in Latin. Many modern readers are more familiar with Arthur and his fabled court as the centerpiece of a massive fictional tradition, well represented in the second part of this volume, including Chretien de Troyes's Story of the Grail, The Quest of the Holy Grail, and the Perlesvaus. These selections emphasize the connection between secular and religious understandings of chivalry that is the most distinctive quality of medieval Arthurian romance. Useful as a classroom text, the volume provides material for a semester's worth of study.

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Arthur in Early Wales/<i>Culhwch and Olwen</i>

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