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The Comédie-Française Registers Project


Le présent document décrit étape par étape une activité pédagogique créée à partir du site du Projet des registres de la Comédie-Française (, réalisée dans un cours de français de niveau avancé co-enseigné par Hélène Bilis (FRN 278, Wellesley College) et Hélène Visentin (FRN 340, Smith College) et dont voici le descriptif en anglais :

FRN 278: “Court, City, Salon: Early Modern France—A Digital Humanities Approach” FRN 340: “Social Networking in Early Modern France—A Digital Humanities Approach”

This course examines the social practices, spaces and networks that defined 17th- and 18th-century France, politically and culturally, from the height of the Ancien Régime up to the French Revolution. Students are also exposed to Digital Humanities methods and theories, combining the study and praxis of these approaches. As a jointly taught, cross-campus course, students at Smith and Wellesley share a common syllabus and engage in parallel assignments. Through this endeavor we aim to foster digital collaboration among students in ways that lead them to reflect on how their use of digital methods and "virtual" teamwork change the ways in which they produce, share and disseminate knowledge.


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