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Proceedings of the 6"' Symposium on the Geology of the Bahamas and Other Carbonate Regions


A study of the dynamics of Sandy Point Beach along the southwestern corner of San Salvador Island over an eighteen-month period, beginning in June, 1990, has revealed that two seasonal phases of sediment transport are operative. Based primarily on analyses of the grain-size parameters of sand samples collected from the beach in June, 1990, a northerly direction of sediment transport was detected. This is herein termed the Spring/Summer phase of transport, and it results from the energy of waves generated by the prevailing easterly trade winds. Continued profiling of the beach in December, 1990, and January, 1992, revealed that a strong southerly transport direction is dominant during the fall/winter months.The energy for this phase of sediment transport comes from northwesterly storms. It appears that during such events, large amounts of sediment can be moved rapidly toward the southern end of the beach.

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Reprinted with permission from: Brian White (ed.), 1993, Proceedings of the 6"' Symposium on the Geology of the Bahamas and Other Carbonate Regions: San Salvador, Bahamian Field Station

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