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Communications of the Geological Survey of Namibia


A reference section for the Otavi Group (Damara Supergroup) in the East Kaoko Zone near Ongongo is proposed and described. The section is easily accessible, well exposed, suitable for field excursions, and well documented in terms of carbonate lithofacies, depositional sequences and stableisotope chemostratigraphy. The late Tonian Ombombo Subgroup is 355 m thick above the basal Beesvlakte Formation, which is not included in the section due to poor outcrop and complex structure. The earlymiddle Cryogenian Abenab Subgroup is 636 m thick and the early Ediacaran Tsumeb Subgroup is 1020 m thick. While the section is complete in terms of formations represented, the Ombombo and lower Abenab subgroups have defined gaps due to intermittent uplift of the northward-sloping Makalani rift shoulder. The upper Abenab and Tsumeb subgroups are relatively thin due to erosion of a broad shallow trough during late Cryogenian glaciation and flexural arching during post-rift thermal subsidence of the carbonate platform.


Neoproterozoic, carbonate platform, carbon isotopes, Cryogenian, Ediacaran



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