A History of Domestic Work and Worker Organizing

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Digital Project

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This timeline is the central tool for the National Domestic Workers Alliance (NDWA) “We Make History” political education curriculum. History helps us to understand current conditions, learn from the courage and resilience of our movement ancestors, and continue to build a powerful, multiracial alliance grounded in a shared commitment to combating all forms of oppression.

This timeline was written by activist-scholars Jennifer Guglielmo, Michelle Joffroy, and Diana Sierra Becerra, to make the histories of domestic work & organizing more accessible to domestic workers and the public. It began in Summer 2015, as a collaboration between Jennifer Guglielmo (Associate Professor of History, Smith College) and Monique Tú Nguyen (Executive Director of Matahari Women Workers Center and Board Member of the National Domestic Workers Alliance) at the Gloria Steinem and Wilma Mankiller School for Organizers. The school brought organizers, activists, and academics together to consider how history and archives can become more powerful organizing tools for the contemporary feminist movement.


To read article about project go to: "Putting History in Domestic Workers’ Hands: A Community-Based Digital Humanities Project" https://scholarworks.smith.edu/hst_facpubs/10