The Yiddish Trace in American Fiction

The Yiddish Trace in American Fiction


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Frankel Institute


Open access book. Edited by Julian Levinson and Justin Cammy

See pages 49–52 for Justin Cammy's essay: "The Yiddish Trace in American Fiction"

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The Yiddish Trace in American Fiction was part of The Frankel Institute Annual 2020: Thinking Through Yiddish.

This year the Frankel Institute convened a diverse group of scholars, translators, and cultural leaders engaged in the field of Yiddish studies. This multidisciplinary field has witnessed a resurgence in recent years, thanks to renewed interest in the Yiddish language as an indispensable key to understanding Ashkenazi Jewish culture--past, present, and future. Signs of this resurgence include the proliferation of courses and summer programs around the world, the range of Yiddish-based camps and festivals in the United Stats and abroad, the increase in Yiddish publications in the Hasidic community, and a growth in the quality and quantity of scholarly publications and translations from Yiddish into English, Hebrew, French, German, Polish, Japanese, and many other languages.

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The Yiddish Trace in American Fiction