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Editor's Introduction to the issue archived as published.

The Smith College community has full-text access to the journal Meridians: Feminism, Race, Transnationalism.

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This issue of Meridians was born during a long, harsh, and gray New England winter. Nestled in the Pioneer Valley of Massachusetts, so named for the early colonists who sought either riches or freedom from religious persecution as they left European shores for the unknown, our offices are housed in a pristine college town where it would be easy to lose oneself in the flamboyance of the autumn foliage, the daily chirping of birds at the break of dawn during any season, the lush green of the rolling hills and verdant forests, the soft trickle of old, worn rivers, a land redolent with history, thick with the poetry and puritan themes of Dickinson and Hawthorne....

Meridians 4:1



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