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こんにちは! Konnichiwa!

たどくツリーハウスへようこそ!Welcome to Tadoku Tree House! Are you looking for free Japanese Tadoku (Extensive Reading) books? Our fun and original Tadoku books were created by Smith College students under the supervision of their language professors. Check out our online library of resources for language learners of all levels! Happy reading!

The website promotes Tadoku (extensive reading), which became a significant element of Smith’s Japanese language curriculum in 2007 (Takahashi 2017, 2018). Tadoku is an easy and accessible way for learners to sharpen reading skills such as character recognition, reading speed, and passive vocabulary acquisition, as well as to develop reading strategies for navigating texts and images for overall comprehension.

Since Spring 2017, Smith College students enrolled in all levels of Japanese have used the grammar and vocabulary they have encountered in class to create their own original books for a broader Tadoku practitioner like you. The Smith College Japanese program’s collection of “books by learners”, which can be accessed through this website, is entirely composed of their work.


Project Partners

    • Atsuko Takahashi, Senior Lecturer, Department of East Asian Languages and Cultures
    • Greta Morgenstern, Class of 2023, major in English Language and Literature
    • Quinn Audouin, Class of 2022, major in Japanese, East Asian Languages and Cultures and minor in Arts and Technology
    • Ravin Wang, Class of 2023, major in Psychology for the Smith squirrel illustration
    • Travis Grandy, Associate Director, Learning, Research & Technology, Information Technology Services, Smith College
    • Joe Bacal and Mario Valdebenito, Former Applications Administrators, Educational Technology Services, Smith College

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