Igneous and Metamorphic Rocks: Interactive Diagrams, Investigative Tools, Images, and Information for Students and Teachers of Petrology

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This website is designed to introduce the fundamental concepts of igneous and metamorphic petrology to users who have some background in geology including mineralogy. It is intended for students who are taking an intermediate-level college course in petrology, but it includes many interactive diagrams and images that will be useful for teachers of petrology.

The website was created to take pedagogical advantage of features of the internet that we all use daily: images, animation, video, web connectivity, access to data, and especially interactivity. Readers are given control over diagrams with buttons, sliders, and mouseover effects. They can select data or upload their own data to be plotted on a variety of geochemical diagrams. There is an extensive visual Rock Library filled with photos and thin section photomicrographs to use as examples or reference. Students who read this text will be prompted to engage with the concepts and information presented through questions and responses requiring exploration that may include clicking on images, changing graphs with sliders, entering data for calculations, searching for information, and more.


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