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Class Project


Environmental Science and Policy


In the last few years environmental issues have finally come to be seen as problems that address all aspects of society. From the air we breathe, to the water we drink, food we eat and places we go every decision we make has consequences in the environment and our environment effects those decisions. The idea for creating an interdisciplinary environmental journal stemmed out of this knowledge and from my academic career at Smith College. This paper will show the process Veronica Kratman and I took in creating Mad Gardens an interdisciplinary environmental literature, arts and culture journal and the finished product of the magazine. We felt that there is a need for a publication at Smith, which looks at environmental issues from a unique and liberal artsperspective in order to address the statement above. We wanted to keep the magazine online, which proved very difficult at times but was an important part of the process. We went about creating the magazine by seeking submissions, editing, compiling, formatting and publishing. The result of the project is a beautiful online environmental magazine highlighting the ways in which liberal arts students from many disciplines interact with their environment. We immediately saw a growing interest in reading and submitting to the magazine and we hope the results will bring about a permanent organization for Mad Gardens on campus.


©2010 Rebecca Benson