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CCX 320


Denys Candy


community centers, community, connection, holistic wellbeing


This project paper highlights the significance of a mentorship program that can empower young parents to become change agents in their communities, particularly those living in precarious housing conditions. Incorporating co-creation principles can greatly benefit the program by involving young parents in the design and implementation of the program, which can further enhance their sense of autonomy. By drawing on needs assessment and interview surveys, this project paper highlights the importance of direct mentorship in building leadership skills and confidence among young parents, which enables them to navigate the shelter system and access resources and services. Furthermore, co-creation opportunities that involve young parents in designing and implementing programs and services can be a powerful way to support their personal and community development. By working with local shelters and community organizations, this project paper aims to identify and support young parents who need mentoring and co-creation support, helping them to build a brighter future for themselves and their families while also contributing to positive changes in their communities. Ultimately, this approach can contribute to building a more just and equitable society for all by empowering young parents.


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Capstone for The Community Engagement and Social Change Concentration (CESC).