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Digital Project

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STRIDE Program


Classical Languages and Literatures


Rebecca Worsham


Archaeology, Bronze Age, Virtual Reconstruction, Minecraft, Twine, Malthi, Digital Humanities, Ancient Demography


STRIDE Project "A Digital Archaeology of Malthi, Greece"

Digital applications have increased the possibilities for the visualization of archaeological material. Here are presented two reconstructions of the Bronze Age settlement Malthi, created using Minecraft and Twine, both readily accessible programs. These recreations draw on data from archaeological work at the site and are intended to depict alternative interpretations of the settlement, allowing for the uncertainty inherent in archaeology. They are likewise intended to invite interaction with the site beyond physically visiting, with the goal of increasing participation in the formation of knowledge about Malthi. The approach advocated here is applicable to other projects struggling with ambiguous data.

Additional files:

File name: MalthiTwine_Edited_Final_4Sept23.html

  • Title: Malthi in Twine
  • Author: Nora Sullivan, Annika Lof

File names: Instructions for Opening Zipped Java MC World; Java MC Malthi 1m_2blocks

  • Title: Malthi in Minecraft, Unpopulated (Java)
  • Author: Sarah Kam

File names: Instructions for Opening MC Windows Populated Malthi; Populated Malthi.mcworld

  • Title: Malthi in Minecraft, Populated (Windows/Bedrock)
  • Author: Sarah Kam, Aurora Bagley

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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MalthiTwine_Edited_Final_4Sept23.html (333 kB)
Malthi in Twine; Authors: Nora Sullivan and Annnika Lof

Instructions for Opening Zipped Java MC Worlds.docx (13 kB)
Malthi in Minecraft; Author: Sarah Kam

Java MC Malthi 1m_2blocks (9011 kB)
Unpopulated (Java); Author Sarah Kam

Instructions for Opening MC Windows Populated Malthi.docx (6 kB)
Malthi in Minecraft; Authors: Sarah Kam and Aurora Bagley

Populated Malthi.mcworld (3233 kB)
Populated (Windows/Bedrock); Authors: Sara Kam and Aurora Bagley

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