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Class Project

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EVS 300


Environmental Science and Policy


Environmental education is an important initiative to develop an awareness of conservation and sustainability issues in younger generations. Using scientific inquiry, experiential lessons, and interactive curricula, students can explore local ecosystems to then create a sense of responsibility and stewardship for the future of the environment. Smith College’s Ada and Archibald MacLeish Field Station, with 200 acres of preserved New England hardwood forests and agricultural pastures, provides extensive opportunities for local school groups to explore scientific concepts in local ecosystems. The sustainable building of the Bechtel Environmental Classroom will further enhance the educational resources available at the field station for student visitors of all ages. In order to support the MacLeish Field Station and to promote the diverse opportunities for environmental education at the site, I developed several scientific lessons and facilitated explorations into a curricula handout, which can engage visitors of a variety of age groups and with different educational goals. This document will be used to advertise to local teachers the extensive educational resources and learning opportunities at this site, in the hopes of increasing the number of students who visit MacLeish. If more students who experience the preserved ecosystems, environmental-consciousness could develop in more students so as to promote a more sustainable future.


©2011 Lily Maynard