The Meaning & Telos of Israel's Election with Dr. Joel Kaminsky and Dr. Mark Reasoner

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The Two Cities Podcast


In this episode of our Anti-Judaism series we turn to discuss the nature and purpose of Israel’s election. Specifically, we discuss how this may have been understood by the Apostle Paul relative to the kinds of understandings that we find in the Hebrew Bible. Joining us for this conversation we have Dr. Joel Kaminsky, who is Morningstar Professor of Jewish Studies and Professor of Religion at Smith College, and Dr. Mark Reasoner, who is Professor of Biblical Theology at Marian University. The two of them co-wrote an article that situates their understanding of these matters in contrast to the position of Prof. N. T. Wright. Our discussion largely centers on the arguments that they make in their article, which is entitled, “The Meaning and Telos of Israel’s Election: An Interfaith Response to N.T. Wright’s Reading of Paul,” which was published in journal Harvard Theological Reviewin 2019 (Volume 112, Issue 4). Team members on the episode from The Two Cities include: Dr. John Anthony Dunne, Dr. Kris Song, and Dr. Logan Williams.


episode 112