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The Consequences of Social Movements

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Cambridge University Press


New York


Chapter 6 from The consequences of social movements / edited by Lorenzo Bosi, Marco Giugni, and Katrin Uba.

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Honors Project


Social movements have attracted much attention in recent years, both from scholars and among the wider public. This book examines the consequences of social movements, covering such issues as the impact of social movements on the life course of participants and the population in general, on political elites and markets, and on political parties and processes of social movement institutionalization. The volume makes a significant contribution to research on social movement outcomes in three ways: theoretically, by showing the importance of hitherto undervalued topics in the study of social movements outcomes; methodologically, by expanding the scientific boundaries of this research field through an interdisciplinary approach and new methods of analysis; and empirically, by providing new evidence about social movement outcomes from Europe and the United States. Source: Publisher

Aggregate Level Biographical Outcomes for Gay and Lesbian Movements: Collective Identity, Lifecourse, and Generations

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