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Companion to Feminist Studies


Beginning in the 1840s, Marxism has analyzed unpaid, reproductive “women’s work” as an integral part of capitalism. Marxist feminism historicizes reproduction in relation to production to better understand women’s exploitation and oppression in capitalism. Marxist feminism also theorizes revolutionary subjectivity and possibilities for an anti-capitalist future. Particularly important to Marxist feminism are its theories of imperialism and primitive accumulation, or theft, of land, resources and women’s unpaid labor to the reproduction of lives and generations.


Social reproduction, Primitive Accumulation, Imperialism, Feminized Work, Global Division of Labor, Value, Reproductive labor


Peer reviewed accepted manuscript. From the forthcoming book:

Elisabeth Armstrong, “Marxist and Socialist Feminisms,” in Companion to Feminist Studies, edited by Nancy Naples. Malden, MA: Wiley-Blackwell, 2020.



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