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Masters Thesis


School for Social Work


Post-traumatic stress disorder-Treatment, Touch-Therapeutic use, Mind and body therapies


A national purposive expert convenience sample of approximately 76 individuals who either self-identity as having experienced a traumatic event(s), or have a current or past diagnosis of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder responded to an anonymous online survey regarding the use of direct touch as a method of abreaction for traumarelated symptoms. This study sought to answer the question of whether individuals with a trauma history found curative aspects related to using therapeutic touch modalities in the treatment process. The findings showed that people with significant trauma histories found therapeutic, direct touch modalities to be helpful in the recovery process.




iii, 74 p. Thesis (M.S.W.)--Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, Mass., 2009. Includes bibliographical references (p. 58-62)