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Alternative Title

Environment and ionization in green pea galaxies

Publication Date


Document Type

Honors Project




Starbursts, Galaxies, Galaxies-Clusters, Dwarf galaxies, Interstellar matter, Starburst galaxies, Galaxy clusters, Galaxy environment, Interstellar medium


Green Peas are extreme, highly ionized, starburst galaxies with strong [OIII] λ 5007 emission. Using data from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, we investigate the environmental effects on the ionized gas properties of the galaxies. We determine the environments of a sample of 316 Green Pea galaxies in two ways: the number of neighbors within 5Mpc and the distance to the nearest cluster. We explore the role of the environment in enhancing star formation rates and ionization, and we compare the nebular properties of Green Peas in high-density environments to those in low-density environments. The study of these gas properties provides insight into the formation and evolution of galaxies.




xvii, 86 pages : color illustrations. Honors project, Smith College, 2016. Includes bibliographical references (pages 85-86)