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Alternative Title

Collaborative collective action among disadvantaged groups

Publication Date


First Advisor

Fletcher A. Blanchard

Document Type

Honors Project

Degree Name

Bachelor of Arts




Intergroup relations, Disadvantaged groups, Collective action, People with social disabilities, Collective behavior


This present study provides insights about potential collaborative collective action among disadvantaged groups (such as Asian/Asian Americans and African Americans). In particular, current study examined the effects of perceived injustice against one’s own group, similarity in respect to disadvantaged identity, and efficacy of collective action on individuals’ collaborative collective action and individual’s social action tendencies. Fifty Asian/Asian American participants participated in the current study. Consistent with Craig and Richeson (2012) and van Zomeren, Postmes, and Spears (2008), I found that priming perceived injustice against one’s own group and high efficacy of collective action increased Asian/Asian American subjects’ willingness to engage in collaborative collective action (with African Americans). In addition, I found that perceived injustice alone predicted individuals’ willingness to undertake individual actions to support collective goal. Overall, the present study provided insights on the nature of collaborative collective action formation and contributed to the literatures of intergroup relations, especially among disadvantaged groups.




45 pages : color illustrations. Includes bibliographical references (pages 37-41)