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Masters Thesis

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Master of Social Work


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Post-traumatic stress disorder-Treatment, Traumatic psychosis-Treatment, Psychosis-Treatment, Psychotherapy, Trauma, Traumatic stress, Psychotic disorders, Mental health, Psychiatry, Social work


This qualitative research study explored clinical practices most effective in helping people who experience co-occurring psychosis and a trauma history. The research was conducted through interviews with nine mental health professionals, who reported they created their own skill base in working with clients with a co-occurrence of psychosis and trauma. Although every respondent reported this co-occurrence as common, they all expressed a lack of confidence and expertise in treating the population. Best practices for treatment were found to be a combination of psychiatric medication, psychotherapy, and community support. Themes of treatment included the need to establish trusting relationships, appreciate client strengths, and support clients in making meaning of their experiences. Practices reported as helpful for treating psychosis were sometimes considered contraindicated for trauma. Respondents identified increased tolerance for strong emotion and an expanded capacity for self-care as positive outcomes for their clients, and treatment goals focused on quality of life.




iii, 72 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 57-61)

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