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Low-income parents-Social conditions, Puerto Rican families-Social conditions, Puerto Rican children-Nutrition, Social work with Hispanic Americans, Caregivers-Services for.Puerto Rican, Caregiver, Children


"The worldwide prevalence of childhood overweight and obesity increased 10% between 1990 and 2010". Boneta, Toro, Garcia, Torres, & Palacios (2015). According to the authors, "Obesity rates of Puerto Rican children residing in mainland US and in Puerto Rico are among the highest (23-32%) when compared to other racial groups/ethnic groups". (p.2)

The purpose of this research is to first primarily understand the challenges that Puerto Rican caregivers’ have in providing a diet with high nutritional content for their school age children. A secondary purpose is to use these perspectives of Puerto Rican caregivers to inform social work practice as to how to better serve the needs of this population. Specifically, the question is what are the needs and strengths of low income Puerto Rican caregivers’ ability to better feed their children, in Holyoke Ma?




iv, 82 pages : color illustrations. Includes bibliographical references (pages 57-60)

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