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Lesbians-Sexual behavior, Intimate partner violence-Psychological aspects, Same-sex partner abuse-Psychological aspects, Sexual abuse victims-Psychology, LGBT, Queer, Sex, Sexuality, Intimate partner violence, Same-sex intimage partner violence, Female sexual distress


This quantitative study explores the sexual experiences of queer women after sexual violence perpetrated by a previous intimate partner in a non-heterosexual relationship. Sixty individuals identifying as queer women with a sexual violence experience completed an anonymous online survey consisting of questions related to help-seeking behaviors and sexual distress. The Female Sexual Distress Scale-Revised (FSDS-R) (Derogatis et al., 2008) was adapted to assess levels of sexual distress amongst the sample population.

This study found three themes: 1.) current sexual experiences carry anxiety and posttraumatic stress symptoms, 2.) sexual violence experience(s) as impacting libido, desire, and behavior, and 3.) current sexual experiences as improved. This study found no significant statistical difference or correlation in overall sexual distress by help-seeking behavior; however, the data is significant for assisting social workers provide services to this population.




v, 132 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 81-85)

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