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Experiences of clinicians who work with trauma

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Social Work


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Secondary traumatic stress, Psychic trauma-Treatment, Social work education, Social workers-Training, Health self-care, Post-traumatic stress disorder-Treatment, Social workers-Supervision of, Social workers-Mental health, Vicarious trauma, Training, Trauma, Trauma theory, Education, Supervision, Consultation, Self-care, Resiliency, Trauma history


The current study explored the gap in understanding the experiences of clinicians who work with trauma given the interesting intersection of high prevalence of trauma and demonstrated lack of training in working with trauma survivors. To this end, this qualitative and exploratory study sought to gain a retrospective understanding of clinicians’ training and career experiences in an effort to glean what has worked well in preparing skilled clinicians to work with trauma. Findings confirmed that clinicians do not feel prepared to do trauma work upon graduating from their degree programs and that they must seek out training opportunities in order to gain competence in this area. Further findings (i.e. insights regarding supervision experiences and self-care) were discussed in an effort to elucidate the most salient takeaways for academic administrators, clinicians, and students training to work in trauma.




iii, 74 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 57-61)

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