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Thematic analysis of the Facebook group ""PrEP Facts: rethinking HIV prevention and sex

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Social Work


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HIV infections-Prevention, Biotechnology, Preventative health services, Online social networks, Gays-Medical care, Bisexual men-Medical care, Sexual health, Access to preventative health care, Online social networking, HIV prevention, Sexual health care, MSM, Gay and Bisexual men and health care


This thesis seeks to understand how access is being negotiated between the U.S. health care system, resources, and institutions by locating conversations about access to Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) within the lay led Facebook group PrEP Facts: Rethinking HIV Prevention and Sex. The study offers insight into the fault lines within the health care system and how men who have sex with men (MSM) are managing these fault lines, and providing mentoring and guidance to each other, when seeking access to preventive care. Narratives in the Facebook group illustrate who is accounted for and who falls between the gaps within a medical model claiming universal access to PrEP. The results have the potential to inform the work of health care providers engaged in public health disciplines across professions—from social workers to medical providers.




49 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 47-49)

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