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Examining resiliency in survivors of a parent or caregiver's suicide

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Social Work


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Resilience (Personality trait), Children of suicide victims-Psychology, Child survivor, Sucide survivor, Resiliency


Suicide is a prevalent public health issue in the United States as it intimately effects many Americans annually. This study explored the bereavement and coping processes as well as strength and resiliency of adult children who lost their parent to death by suicide. Twelve adult children were recruited for this study through social media and suicide support groups. Participants were interviewed by phone and interviews were transcribed and analyzed using an inductive approach. The following themes were identified: intensity of the loss, secondary trauma of suicide, feelings of stigma, solace in talking about their parent, researching mental illness, attending grief groups, and advocating for suicide prevention. This research is limited in scope but provides important information for clinicians caring for suicide survivors. Future research should explore secondary trauma of suicide survivors as this was a significant theme within the study.




iv, 68 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 55-61)

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