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Role of perceived barriers and benefits to physical activity in social workers

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Masters Thesis

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Mixed method

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Master of Social Work


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Exercise-Psychological aspects, Social workers-Mental health, Burnout (Psychology), Stress management, Exercise, Burnout, Physical activity, Perceived barriers, Perceived benefits, Exploratory


This mixed-methods exploratory study aimed to develop better understanding of the relationship between social workers’ participation in physical activities and their perceptions of potential barriers and benefits to participating in exercise. Sixty-four individuals completed an online survey, disclosing their physical activity habits as while growing up as well as those of their parents and/or caregivers. Quantitative questions asked participants to measure: their recent physical activity rates, defining them as light, moderate or vigorous; their perceived potential benefits of and barriers to physical activity, and, finally, their contentedness with aspects of their body and their work. Participants reported few barriers and adequate knowledge of activity




4, 50 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 38-40)

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