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Exploring how protective factors contribute to resiliency in parents who have experienced traumatic events in childhood

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Masters Thesis

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Master of Social Work


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Adult child abuse victims-Psychology, Adult child sexual abuse victims-Psychology, Post-traumatic stress disorder, Parenting, Resilience (Personality trait), Parent and child, Trauma, Childhood trauma, Sexual abuse, Physical abuse, Emotional abuse, Neglect, Resiliency, Protective factors


The purpose of this research project is to address the multiple variables that contribute to trauma exposure in childhood and how it manifests in the traumatized person’s later parenting styles. The over-arching research question is: do protective factors provide sufficient supports to parents who were subjected to traumatic experiences in childhood in order to lessen the transmission of trauma to their own children? This qualitative study is an assessment of interviews with 18 participants who identify as parents who have experienced at least one traumatic event in childhood. Findings of this study implicate a high level of resilience that has provided a framework for participants to engage in more intentional parenting, resulting in improved parent-child relationships between them and their own children.




vi, 131 pages : color illustration. Includes bibliographical references (pages 102-105)

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