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Alternative Title

Social media and multiracial identity development

Publication Date


First Advisor

Rob Eschmann

Document Type

Masters Thesis

Study Type


Degree Name

Master of Social Work


School for Social Work


Racially mixed people-Race identity, Identity (Psychology), Race, Social media, Facebook (Firm), Instagram (Firm), Multiracial, Identity development


The purpose of this study was to understand how, if at all, social media impacts racial identity development for mixed race undergraduates; and if so, whether or not that impact is unique to them or applicable to students with monoracial identities. Semi-structured interviews were conducted at a large southern California public university. 11 undergraduate (3 multiracial) between the ages of 18-22 were interviewed about their social media usage, their racial identities, their process of identification, and how race is discussed online. Through the data collected in this study, we observe that social media is a digital space where notions of race and racism are cultivated and explored and identities are continually expressed to the online community.




iv, 102 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 83-94)