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Masters Thesis

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Master of Social Work


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Women ex-convicts-Social networks, Women ex-convicts-Services for, Recidivism, Women reentry, Incarceration, Reoffending, Reentry supports, Recently incarcerated


This study focused on the social supports women recently incarcerated perceived as promoting future success and aid in avoiding recidivism. The literature review describes available programs pertaining to women's reentry and gender responsive treatment. The main objective of this study is to understand what women recently released from incarceration need for a successful reentry as well as barriers, challenges, and motivations for staying out of prison and being productive members of society. The study considered variables such as trauma, substance use, mental health issues and children impact women’s perceived needs. Findings in this study found the correlation between enduring specific traumas and the increased rates of recidivism. The research directly focused on a range of various barriers to treatment that lead to reoffending. Finally, this research aimed to understand and display the importance of gender responsive issues and the specific customized services women need particular to the female experience as well as the female mothers' experience.




iii, 50 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 47-49)

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