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Masters Thesis

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Mixed methods

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Master of Social Work


School for Social Work


High school teachers-Attitudes, High school students-Psychology, Microaggressions, Discrimination in education, Teacher-student relationships, Anxiety in adolescence, Depression in adolescence, Disrespect, School, Youth, Discrimination, Teacher, Anxiety, Depression


This study examined high school students’ experiences of perceived disrespect enacted by a teacher. The study was grounded in a critical race theory approach that informed data collection and results. Quantitative and qualitative reports were evaluated to determine possible relations between race, non-clinical reports of anxiety and depression and teacher-disrespect in high school. Participants were recruited from East Coast and West Coast regions and included current high school students and emerging adults creating a final sample size of 20 participants. Findings revealed that most participants discussed racial microaggressions when asked about disrespect and experienced significant symptoms of anxiety and depression in response to the event. This research provides a framework to better understand how teacher-student disrespect may impact youth.




v, 127 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 80-90)