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Masters Thesis

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Mixed methods

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Master of Social Work


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Transition age youth, Transitional age youth, Youth in transition, Emerging adults, Young adults, Young people, Aging out, Serious mental illness, Emotional difficulties, Behavioral difficulties, Mental health challenges, Mental disorder, Serious mental health conditions, Substance abuse, Co-occuring mental illness, Psychiatric disabilities, Mixed methods, Survey


This study was designed to survey participants of ServiceNet’s Transitional Age Youth (TAY) program to solicit feedback regarding program effectiveness in meeting their needs. Surveys were designed with ServiceNet staff to solicit participant perspectives on the importance of program goals, and satisfaction with program services in meeting those goals. Surveys included quantitative and qualitative questions, and were distributed to all active TAY program participants. Respondents placed the greatest emphasis on TAY program goals regarding living independently and housing. Subjects were somewhat less satisfied with program services geared towards employment services. Overall, subjects were very positive about TAY staff, particularly regarding case management, counseling and respect for program participants. Potential areas for future study include examining the relationship between TAY participants’ strong desire for living independently and the uneven emphasis placed on goals related to employment and education.


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iv, 80 pages. Includes bibliographical references (pages 57-60)