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Publication Date


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Honors Project




Stereotypes (Social psychology), Prejudices, Discrimination, Intergroup relations, Image (Philosophy), Stereotype content model, Image theory, GDP, HDI, IHDI, GDI, Development, Ingroup, Outgroup, Perceptions


Substantial research has been conducted on the stereotype content model (SCM) that links stereotypes to emotional prejudice and discrimination. Although theorists assume that stereotypes arise from the social structural relations among groups, only a few studies have shown evidence supporting a link between the two. In the present study I substituted objective indices of the structural relations between countries for the intercountry perceptions that previous researchers have relied on. Although they explain less variance in national stereotypes than perceived structural variables, I found that objective indices of resources, power, and social well-being do correlate with stereotypes.




46 p. Honors project-Smith College, Northampton, Mass., 2011. Includes bibliographical references (p. 42-46)