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Masters Thesis


School for Social Work


This quantitative study was completed to explore how women's attitudes and perceptions regarding sexual fantasy are related to sexual satisfaction in a committed relationship. Previous research on sexual fantasy focused on frequency of sexual fantasy, gender differences regarding themes of sexual fantasy, level of guilt associated with sexual fantasy, and the acceptance of pornography as sexual fantasy. The survey was presented on the Internet based website, Survey Monkey. Over the course of 30 days, 129 women responded to the survey. The survey included fourteen items that ranged from demographic questions to questions regarding attitudes towards fantasy, and open-ended questions. The questions were designed to determine how women perceived sexual fantasy and the relationship it had with sexual satisfaction in a committed relationship. The findings of this quantitative study illustrated that women believe sexual fantasy and sexual intimacy and satisfaction are related. Also of significance was the diversity present in the themes of women's fantasies, and the difference in attitudes towards fantasy based on diversity in the demographics.


vi, 75 p. Thesis (M.S.W.)--Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, Mass., 2007. Includes bibliographical references (leaves 46-47).