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Masters Thesis


School for Social Work


School violence, School violence-Prevention, Parents-Attitudes, Quantitative research, Parent perceptions, Parent opinions, Parent behaviors, Causes of school violence, Solutions for school violence, Firearm opinion, Parent demographics, Replication study


Although not the epidemic the media leads us to believe, incidents of school violence continue to be alarming in any school environment. The purpose of this study was to explore parents of school-aged children's perceptions' towards causes of, solutions for school violence, changes in parental behavior as a result of concerns of violence and opinions of firearms. This study was a partial replication of a study by Bliss et al., conducted in 1999 and published in 2006. Results of this study indicated that, generally, parents continue to believe that matters regarding causes of school violence are bound to issues in the child's home. Parental perceptions of solutions for school violence pointed toward mental health services for troubled children. Parents also indicated their thoughts on likelihood of their child obtaining a gun. Maintaining a dialogue about parents: with parents is important for the progress toward safer schools. With this in mind, results of this study were compared with Bliss et al.'s study conducted in 1999 in an effort to trace shifts in parental attitudes and behaviors.




v, 63 pages : color illustration Thesis (M.S.W.)--Smith College School for Social Work, 2015. Includes bibliographical references (pages 41-44)

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