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Masters Thesis


School for Social Work


Caring, Psychotherapy, Socialist feminism, Relationism, Care work, Relational


This project was undertaken to better understand psychotherapy within the broader historical concept of "care work." The methodological approach involved using key concepts from feminist socialist theory and relational theory to explore what it means to consider psychotherapy as care work. The two theories helped flesh out some of the tensions between "care" and "work," as well as illuminated the way that the line between the two might be seen as a false dichotomy. The project has implications for psychotherapists practicing within the United States system of the "White supremacist capitalist patriarchy" who want to engage in a co-created journey with their clients toward liberation.




iii, 69 pages. Thesis (M.S.W.)-Smith College School for Social Work, 2014. Includes bibliographical references (pages 65-69)