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Masters Thesis


School for Social Work


Foster parents-Psychology, Foster parents-Services for, Foster parent support, Foster parents


This qualitative study explores the experiences of current foster parents. The purposes of this study were to 1) identify motivation for fostering; 2) identify foster parents' supports; 3) learn of foster parent's motivation to continue fostering; 4) assess foster parents' needs; 5) create recommendations to further support and encourage our foster parents. Nine foster parents from eight different US states participated in one-hour phone interviews to provide the data for this research. The results of this research are consistent with previous research about factors contributing to the retention rates of foster parents. Findings demonstrate that successful fostering includes teamwork, communication, cooperation, and support from foster family networks and foster agencies.




ii, 40 p. Thesis (M.S.W.)--Smith College School for Social Work, Northampton, Mass., 2012. Includes bibliographical references (p. 34-36)